Seeking a Saner Food System



Great article yesterday from NPR on our current food system . This interview touches on many of the reasons why I am a vegetarian but also discusses alternatives to eating factory-farmed meat, such as buying local and free range meat. The author of Farmageddon: The True Cost of Cheap Meat mentions her own choice to boycott the meat industry but acknowledges that those who do eat meat are not “morally inferior”, a point that bears scrutiny. I have met many vegetarians who believe themselves to be “ethically superior” to meat-eaters. While I do think that eating less or no meat is crucial to undoing the impacts industrial agriculture has had on the environment, I do not think that this sense of conceit is going to effectively change our food system or encourage non-vegetarians to lessen their meat intake. “It’s a simple yet powerful message: At every breakfast, lunch and dinner, we make food choices that move us either toward a saner food system or further away.”


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